Every flight is stocked with a wide assortment of popular beverages and carefully selected snacks exclusive to Presidential Airwayz. We recognize In-Flight Catering is an important part of your flight experience and we strive to provide the very best culinary selections from the top suppliers in the industry. We will accommodate your specific requests as they relate to standard catering options for the appropriate meal for the specific time of the day, ranging from cold dishes to top-notch gourmet cuisine. Of course we are happy to accommodate any special requests whether they be your favorite brand of bottled water to a specific vintage of Champagne or Scotch. We are here to ensure your in-flight food and beverage service matches the caliber and efficiency of your private jet experience. As a matter of fact, our expertise in culinary science has shown us that a traveler’s sense of taste is desensitized at high altitudes; therefore, the meals served are specifically selected and seasoned for ultimate taste and enjoyment.

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