Any Aircraft. Any Airport.  Any Time.

Fly on the newest and most desirable aircraft in every size category, from turboprops to VIP airliners under triple platinum safety standards.

Presidential Airwayz gives you access to the world’s largest network fleet of private jets in the world.

You can choose from hundreds of aircraft models, from the ultralong-range Global Express, to the Citation X, to the efficient Piaggio Avanti II and even the VIP Airliners such as the BBJ.

We are able to arrange charters within 3 hours from initial contact. Our goal is to respond to every inquiry within 15 minutes or less.

Anywhere you are in the world, at any given time, our highly-experienced team of aviation professionals is here 24/7 to handle your trip request.

Presidential's highly competitive open market environment, will scan real-time availability and pricing of all aircrafts in the area to give you the best options in minutes.

You can be assured of the best price available in the desired market, at that particular time.

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