Executive Turboprop

When short takeoff and landing capabilities as well as fuel efficiency are of paramount importance, the Executive Turbo-Prop is an ideal choice.

Executive Turbo-Props offer:

  • Turbine engine power

  • Cruising speeds of over 300 knots, and an average nonstop range greater than 1000 miles

  • Ability to travel further, faster, and provide more comfort than piston engine aircraft

  • Keeps charter costs below those of a light jet

  • Popular for short to mid-range flights

  • Capability to access runways that are often too short for jet aircraft

  • Limited baggage capacity and luggage storage space

King Air 100 Turboprop
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King Air 200 Turboprop
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King Air 300 Turboprop
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King Air 350 Turboprop
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King Air C90 Turboprop
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